The online world is awash in “content.” Most of it garbage. Not surprisingly, many of the Internet’s hottest sites aren’t content generators as much as content controllers. Search, filtering, rating… it’s all designed to separate the relevant from the irrelevant. And the wheat from the inedible.

For writers, there’s opportunity in all the mayhem. For example, I’m pitching a corporate blog. Outside of the obvious traffic/loyalty/revenue benefits, I’m also offering the company a chance to salvage control of their brand.

You see, as I write this, industry message boards and lists are discussing my prospect’s products. Which means the company has lost control of their brand on the Internet. To any savvy marketer, that’s not an appealing prospect.

It’s a problem they may not see – until you point it out to them. It’s also a problem you can solve. Through the blog, you build a loyal community and let them direct direct the online conversation. You rescue the brand. And become a Blogging Superhero.

Want backup for your pitch? Read this post in the excellent Communities Dominate Brands blog.

And here’s the beauty; the smaller the company, the bigger the benefit (and competitive advantage). But more on this in another post. For now, look at your client list. See if there’s a blog pitch in your future.