So what are you really? Word jockey or success guru? If all you deliver are words, then it’s time to reconsider your role…

It’s not easy for your clients to succeed in today’s fragmented, fast-changing marketing environment, and for a copywriter used to selling success as much as words, writing simply isn’t enough.

A tricky headline won’t save your project from a bad media buy, and no lead can salvage a program that’s not in line with a company’s business goals.

Do you really need to be as much consultant as writer? Look at the number of media channels available to the average client. Years ago, their choices were limited to a handful of print venues and some broadcast media. Today there’s a universe of choices, and it seems like more are created hourly.

Positioning is key. Messaging is critical. Exploiting niches a must. And sadly, most small and medium-sized businesses – who are too busy surviving to know about the online marketing opportunity created 27 hours ago – will make a hash of media.

If you can’t help them make the right decisions, your project will fail. Your client will enjoy an ROI of pennies on the dollar. And your work will be suspect – your fault or not.

You’re the Expert.

You’re the one who should be asking your clients to think big. You’re the one who finally suggests an online marketing plan. And you’re the one who unmasks their specific business goals – and if the current project really furthers those goals.

The ugly truth is that most businesses still market like it’s 1989. For many, you’re the bridge to today. Blogs? Engagement marketing? Direct mail? Interactive and rich media? Lasered eggs? (No, I’m not making the egg thing up.)

Your clients probably don’t know about them. You should. Because if you want to hold onto clients in a fast-fragmenting marketing universe, don’t sell words. Sell success. The next pair of posts will show you how.

(Up next? The Messaging Platform)