Your strongest marketing tool? It’s not your SEO strategy, your finely tuned messaging platform, or even your copywriter.

It’s the passion of your customers.

Tap into that, and you’ve created a mobile sales force that can’t wait to sell your product. They’re engaged. They’re credible. And they’re chomping at the bit to spread your message.

Passion-based marketing? It exists. It always has. But if you market with flat, lifeless messages – or worse, can’t prove your organization shares your customers’ passion – then you’re relegated to doing it the hard way.

Is Passion in your Marketing Plan?

What’s it mean? You’d better deliver a rich experience. Tell a story. Let them know you’re worthy of their support.

You simply can’t market at them. You’ve got to talk to them. Engage. Incite. Capture their allegiance.

Is that in your current marketing plan? Are you using rich media? Interactive online channels? Are you really talking to your customers? Is passion a key part of your message?

In view of all the interactive communication channels popping up, it’s time to sit down, cast aside your preconceived notions about marketing, and look at your marketing plan with fresh eyes.

If your customers are passionate people, then market with passion. Anything less, and you’ll lose ground to a competitor who will…