There have been a lot of blog conversations lately about online writing jobs and the sometimes low rates writers receive.

More than a few bloggers (me included) have suggested that offline B-to-B copywriting is still the best way for struggling writers to boost their revenue stream and acquire high-value clients.

It’s not that online work is bad. It’s that the hype surrounding online marketing is huge. And that offline budgets are simply much, much bigger.

$58 Billion vs. $7.9 Billion. Where Do You Want to Play?

Marketing Sherpa published an interesting set of charts that compare online marketing spending vs offline spending.

Spending on direct mail topped $58 Billion. Spending on Paid Search (highest online category) was $7.9 Billion.

Marketing Sherpa table

In fact, the first eleven offline categories easily topped the leading online category. The article represents instructive reading for those making a living by the written word.

Obviously, all this money isn’t going to writers. But where there’s a big budget, there’s the potential for a big fee.

Do I expect the gap between offline and online spending to narrow? Absolutely.

Should writers abandon online markets? Absolutely not. But don’t get fooled by hype; offline marketing remains the bigger market for copywriters, and will stay that way for some time.

What’s your verdict? Surprised?

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