Yesterday, a new client forwarded an original copy file from their SEO writer. It wasn’t pretty.

The copy was fine. But the formatting was sloppy. The file lacked branding, offered little project information, and even omitted minimal contact information.

That writer would never think to hand over copy poorly written on tissue paper. Why send the electronic equivalent?

Charge Like a Pro? Then Look Like One.

Every job for a client is like a first date. Impressions matter, and you can easily set the tone for the rest of the relationship (however short that may be).

Why not invest twenty minutes developing a form? Make it informative. Make it look good. And make sure it reflects your brand message. (You do have a message, right?)

My copy form is clean and simple, with all my contact information, page, and file name in the footer.

Before faxes went out of style, I included a copy approval watermark. That’s gone, but now I often add link information. Any cool ideas about how to handle that?
Copywriting form

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