Yahoo’s  Hot Jobs for 2007 listing now says that “copywriter” is one of 2007’s hottest professions (which might explain my staggering workload).

In fact, in a survey by our company, 60 percent of advertising and marketing executives who plan to hire new employees said they’ll be adding copywriters. Due to this increased demand, average starting salaries for senior copywriters will rise 6 percent in 2007 to $63,000 to $92,500 annually. Versatile writers with experience developing content for both print and online projects are especially valued and may earn even greater pay. Copywriters who specialize in a particular industry, such as pharmaceuticals, are in particularly strong demand.

Please note the next to last sentence: “Versatile writers with experience developing content for both print and online projects…

Versatility. It’s a good word, especially as it concerns your career. Online’s cool, but print is still where much of the money lies. The value-added writer does both.

Do It Now!

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’ve been through a lot of boom and bust cycles, and right now, writers are looking at a boom.

If you’re looking for commercial work but not finding it, you need to change where you’re looking.

Yes, there is a lot of low-dollar competition, but differentiating yourself (and adding value to your words) makes all the difference. Let the others fight over the underpaid scraps.

Be smart. Add value. Build a sustainable business. And market that business to the people you want to work for. 

And realize that you write the story of your own career. Make yourself the hero.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.