Deb Ng seems like a level headed sort. So when she starts ranting, I pay attention.

And while it sounds a little callous, I’m happy to see her casting off her SEO work:

I’m done. I’m keyworded out. I understand the basics of SEO, but honestly, can we think things through before throwing them out for assignment? I’m burned out. I don’t want to count any more phrases or have to worry about density. Get it? I’m done.

I’ll say it one more time: if you’re writing low-dollar SEO work for a living, you’re asking for trouble.

It’s a terrible primary market for a copywriter. Hell, I even wrote a whole post explaining how an SEO writer could break into far more lucrative markets.

What to do instead of SEO work? Find clients you want to work for and pitch them white papers, case studies, Web sites, blogs–it hardly matters what.

All those projects pay better than SEO articles.

They also help build your portfolio–and a sustainable copywriting business.

Believe me, write one SEO article after another for a couple years, and you’ll know the true meaning of the word “burnout.”

It’s clear that Deb has other irons in the fire, and given her energy, I’m sure she already has something interesting in the works.

Good for you, Deb. You–like most SEO writers–deserve better.

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