Codswallop just published a list of the “100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need.”

It’s intriguing. And I found a few I’d never heard of.

Web Apps from Codswallop

But I’m curious; are Web Apps really the answer for freelancers?

They typically offer low-cost (or no-cost) functionality. And let’s face it; low cost is good. Low cost is our friend.

Yet for core applications, I’m not convinced. I sometimes use Google Docs when writing on my laptop, and while it’s handy, I can’t imagine writing with it fulltime. The back-and-forth lag is noticeable.

Still, Web Apps make collaboration among multiple people very easy. Data resides in a single repository (not multiple locations). And because they’re hosted, updates, bug fixes, improvements are all handled on the backend.

In some situations, they make a whole lot of sense. Outside of WordPress, is anyone making extensive use of Web Apps for core writing and business functions?

Keep writing, Tom Chandler

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