Is the Home Page dead? Are copywriters wasting their time writing them?

That’s the question posed by Matt Ambrose of the Copywriter’s Crucible (to be fair, plenty of others are asking the same thing).

The idea that every page is now potentially a landing page is generating some heavy, Russian-novel-level brooding in the marketing world, and certainly fueled an explosion in landing-page specialty firms.

In Matt’s case, the SEO benefits of his blog are paying dividends — it’s far outpacing his Web site on Google.

That Got My Attention

This topic interests me deeply; my next big self-promo project is better integrating my writing blog, marketing blog, and copywriting site (running on blog software).

It seemed like an easy job when I was only focused on the graphic/brand aspects. Then I started considering how customers might come to my sites, and where they’d go next.

That’s where it gets messy.

Matt’s wondering about simply transferring his site content to his blog site. It’s not a bad idea; blog-centric sites are a viable concept.

But what happens when your brand message and your blog don’t align?

For example, my copywriting site is pretty straightforward. Pretty serious. My blog often isn’t. And frankly, my blog isn’t very customer-focused. My Web site is.

And — guess what?

Like Matt, my blog ranks far higher than my Web site.

Sound the Alarm

In this case, the old saw about the shoemaker’s children going shoeless applies; I’ve been too busy handling work to get my own marketing house in order.

Still, it’s time to clean up the online mess I’ve created. I’ve got a couple ideas, but rather than spill them here, I’m going to document my own marketing integration process as it happens.

I’m on a quasi-vacation the second half of this week (I’m staying at a wine-country home with stunning views, gorgeous gardens and great accommodations — I’d make millions on writer’s retreats if I only I could convince the owner to hold them).

That means I won’t start until next week. Along the way, I plan to ask a few members of the copywriting blogosphere for their thoughts.

My thinking, however, begins now.

My advice to Matt? Consider a stopgap; create some quality “thought leader” content and offer it at the top of your blog sidebar — in exchange for an e-mail address (or a visit to your Web site if you don’t want to get in the e-newsletter business). Then start thinking.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.

UPDATE: I’m working on a followup post, and just posted a related entry on my Engagement Marketing blog.

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