The freelance copywriting market is in a odd state. Fees to copywriters at the low end have never been less tenable, yet demand for copywriters is at an alltime high.

This snippet from the end of Anne Holland’s Chief Marketer article suggests what awaits copywriters who can prove their value, especially in revenue-generating fields (direct response being chief among them):

When it comes to the most valuable potential hire, several cited an old-school choice: a good copywriter. StomperNet’s Fallon hired one at a cost of $30,000 a month but said the ROI was obvious given the $12 million in sales the move helped generate. And’s Lohmeier said hiring a veteran, award-winning copywriter was essential for the company’s recent postcard e-mail/long landing page tests: “Copy is king.”

$30K a month sounds like a pretty good salary — until you move deeper into the sentence, and discover $12 million in revenues were the result.

What are you worth to a client? And what are you doing to make yourself worth more?

Long vs Short Copy

Not interested in money? The same article offers interesting (and contradictory) evidence about the long copy vs short copy debate. Their answer? The ever-present “it depends.” Worth a read.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.

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