Sure, I’m back from my vacation in Maine (more than a day late thanks to my close, personal friends at Delta Airlines), but I haven’t exactly experienced the soft re-entry you hope for. While I untangle the threads and attempt to restore order, I’m going to throw my readers a little red meat — an excellent Matthew Stibbe post.

Sunset, Maine Style
The sun has set on my Maine vacation.

Matthew’s on my short list of copywriters whose posts I always read. He’s a real pro who’s willing to reveal the useful, real-world tricks and techniques needed to win business, keep clients, and survive over the long term. (Longevity’s the subject of my next post, but for now, read Matthew’s post and soak up the hard-earned knowledge.)

His post? It’s about the ten free marketing tactics you can use every day to win and keep clients. These aren’t the obvious “get business cards and a Web site” pabulum.

For example, his “Daily Pitch” admonition woke me up from my own complacency (“Marketing consists of building a relationship with people who can buy from you. I find that calling someone or emailing someone or meeting someone every day is essential”).

His other nine tips are just as useful. Read them, put them to work, and you’ll be richer for the experience. In the meantime, I’ve got a bike race to run, and I’ll be back at the keyboard next week.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.

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