It’s Friday, which means copywriters all over the planet are struggling to meet deadlines, but since it’s the end of a long, long week, we’re mostly brain dead. Frankly, our copy reflects it.

How do we stop ourselves from shipping something… well… stupid?

Why, I use the Internet StupidFilter:

The concept behind the StupidFilter Project originated during a conversation between Gabriel Ortiz and Paul Starr. StupidFilter was conceived out of necessity. Too long have we suffered in silence under the tyranny of idiocy.

In the beginning, the Internet was a place where one could communicate intelligently with similarly erudite people. Then, Eternal September hit and we were lost in the noise. The advent of user-driven web content has compounded the matter yet further, straining our tolerance to the breaking point. It’s time to fight back.

The solution we’re creating is simple: an open-source filter software that can detect rampant stupidity in written English.

I want one. Now.

For a good laugh, visit the StupidFilter Web site: StupidFilter :: Main / About

You can even stop by their “view random YouTube stupidity” page. (Like what — you’ve got something better to do?)

Keep writing (smartly), Tom Chandler

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