I’ve thrown myself down a Podcasting crash course, so in between bumpy landings and dead ends, I don’t have time for much else.

mediummicrophone How did I get into this mess? More than anything, it’s an excellent example of misplaced confidence (some might call it arrogance).

A client asked if I could deliver a podcasting demo segment by Monday, and I confidently said “sure.”

After all, anything I don’t understand must be simple, right?

Not so much.

Basic podcasting isn’t hard. But getting it right? That’s a little harder.

There’s the new terminology. (Dynamic or condenser mic? Preamps. Mixers. Frequency Response.) The new software (which — annoyingly — doesn’t work just like my word processor).

And a few other teensy details, like the simple fact that spending your adult life writing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for broadcast stardom.

Holy crap.

My built-in sound card was far too noisy for good results, so I did something I almost never do — I bought a complete kit, hoping it would speed the startup process.

Three hours into the “simple” installation process, I was beginning to have my doubts.

Then it was working. Or at least I thought was, until I played my first recording, and heard a very strong echo. Actually, the segment was looping on top of itself.

Was it me? My office?

No. It was the oddly configured software. Huh?

Still, what I don’t intuitively know, I eventually figure out through the application of ignorant brute force. So I’m getting there… getting there… getting there…