Once again, we’ve made it to the show. We’re part of the “in” crowd. The Copywriter Underground gets to sit at the cool table at lunch.

Yessiree — we’ve again been selected as one of the Top 10 Writer’s Blogs. (Michael Stelzner is so full service he even provided us with a nifty logo.)


Naturally, my upstate New York upbringing is kicking in; I scanned the list of very deserving nominees (and a few that weren’t nominated) and came to the conclusion I should buy a lottery ticket today.

This year’s Top 10 list includes some new faces. I added them all to my RSS reader, and believe you should too:

    1. Copyblogger, by Brian Clark: Holding the number-one spot for the second year running, this site excels at teaching the art of writing.
    2. Freelance Writing Jobs, by Deborah Ng: For writers seeking new work, this site is your sole destination and maintains a top spot in our contest from last year.
    3. The Renegade Writer, by Linda Formichelli and Dianna Burell: Are you a freelance journalist looking for inspiration? Look no further.
    4. Web Content Writer Tips, by James Chartrand and Harrison McLeod: With a focus on making more money as a writer, this blog is full of helpful how-to articles.
    5. Web Writing Info, by Courtney Ramirez: This excellent blog looks at social networking and emerging web-based opportunities for writers.
    6. The Golden Pencil, by Anne Wayman: Wayman, a second-year winner, examines how to go for the gold as a freelance writer.
    7. Catalystblogger, by Jennifer Williamson: Williamson writes about the pains and trials writers face.
    8. Freelance Parent, by Lorna Doone Brewer and Tamara Berry: Two moms provide excellent perspective on writing with a dash of parenting.
    9. Write from Home, by Amy Derby: Derby provides fresh commentary and advice on writing.
    10. Copywriter Underground, by Tom Chandler: This site, a second-year winner, provides regular doses of inspiration for copywriters.

Am I surprised? Truly I am. The Copywriter Underground doesn’t have what you’d call a marketing agenda; it hasn’t functioned as a source of work and I’m not selling ebooks.

It’s simply a reflection of one longtime copywriter’s thoughts on the craft in what you’d have to call turbulent times. Thanks for tuning in. There’s plenty more to come.

Props to Michael Stelzner for all his work, and I gratefully accept this knowing Writing White Papers should occupy a place in the Top 10, but won’t as long as he organizes the Top 10 list.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.

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