I haven’t forgotten you, my little Undergrounders. Sure, I haven’t posted anything useful lately, but one look at my to-do list would suggest why.

The snow is piling up by the metric ton, the snowblower is feigning death, the clients are calling, and yes — the old desktop PC has been dead in the water and threatening to go belly up at any time.

Still, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. So when life hands you a dying desktop PC, you make a shiny new PC.

This one’s a nice, fast, big 17" Dell Inspiron laptop, and suddenly, every room with a view is my office, an excellent idea when your new house offers treetop (and mountain) views out most windows.

Excuse me while I enjoy the view. Thanks.

All of which means I’m back in the game, and pretty happy about it.

Sadly, my enthusiasm doesn’t extend to Vista, the operating system which came on my new laptop.

I now believe Vista isn’t really an operating system as much as an elaborate practical joke played on us by Microsoft.

In fact, it’s likely the company’s employees are collectively hiding behind the couch, waiting for April Fools to roll around, when they’ll jump up and yell "gotcha!"

It’s enough to make a guy buy a Mac or go with Linux, and I understand more and more folks are doing exactly that.

In the meantime, I plan to write like the wind, even though winter is a dark, leaden time when my brain feels thick and the words flow slowly. (I’d love to know how everyone else feels about winter.)

I’ve got a couple posts on tap, so stay tuned. And keep writing, Tom Chandler.