So far, my Ubuntu Linux experience has been amazingly trouble free. Installation was easy. DVDs are playing.

And – most importantly – the work is getting done.

I even like the new software. But lately, I’ve grounded on some shoals.

Deal breakers? Not yet. But not encouraging either. What’s going wrong?

Few Blog Editor Choices
I’ve lamented the lack of powerful Linux blog editors before (most won’t even upload images for you). I’m using Scribefire, the recent versions of which have suffered image-related bugs.

End of the world? Not exactly.

Scribefire will get it together, or a more powerful editor will be written, but until then, the lack of choices is daunting.

USB Microphone Issues
Despite a little tinkering, I can’t get my m-audio USB microphone setup to work. That means – until I figure it out (if I figure it out) – no podcasts.

Modem Nightmare
This is fast becoming a big issue. Next week I’m heading to a remote part of Maine, and dialup is my only connection option. I need it.

Sadly, Ubuntu doesn’t configure built-in modems at installation. And despite mucking around for an hour, Ubuntu doesn’t want to recognize my laptop’s built-in modem.

I downloaded and ran a modem detection tool. Watched it fail. Re-booted in Vista, and discovered I’ve got the dreaded Conexant modem.

I then pored through pages of documents. And was even sent to a page on Dell’s Web site that no longer exists.

And I still can’t get Linux to recognize the thing.

I’m frustrated, so I’m stopping for now.

I was planning to use Linux through my vacation. But may have to end the Ubuntu Project early.

Which is a shame. I like the clean interface, zippy response, and all the other cool little tools.

Stay tuned. There’s more Ubuntu to come.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.