Because I foolishly took a vacation, I’m now overwhelmed with Stuff to Write, and my workload is treating me the same way trains treat automobiles:

Because she’s a game sort who’s willing to share the pain, Roberta Rosenberg posts pretty much the same story of getaway-related overwork.

I won’t turn this post into a pine for the old days, when we actually had time to think about the words we wrote, or projects didn’t change course a half-dozen times in three days.

But I have to ask: how many of today’s freelancers (writers, designers, Web folks, etc) are feeling – acutely at times – the pressure of what we used to call Internet Time?

It’s the pressure that accompanies the expectation of too many words (and calls, and emails, and research) in too little time. And the realization that compiling an actual to-do list – complete with deadlines – would reduce you to a whimpering, drooling fool.

It’s likely we have only ourselves to blame.

But still, you think you absolutely can’t take an afternoon off? Afraid to book a vacation? Forget what the sun looks like?

The floor is yours, Undergrounders.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.