[UPDATE: Thanks to my readers for their nominations! I appreciate your support. And yes, there’s still time to add your voice to those who think Copywriter Underground is one of the Top 10 Writer’s Blogs.]

Michael Stelzner of Writing White Papers has once again set his “Ten Best Blogs for Writers” contest in motion, and as a Top Ten “winner” the past two years, my nose would grow long indeed if I said I wasn’t honored by the attention.

He’s accepting nominations on his site, and yes, I’m always gratified to be nominated.

Early voting suggests Men With Pens may supplant Copyblogger atop the list, though that may simply be the result of an early “get out the vote” effort.

What’s true is this: the writing blogosphere offers today’s writer more help, advice, perspective and hard-won knowledge than has ever been available to freelancers – and by a wide margin.

In one sense, it’s a true marketplace of ideas: my perspectives on new client acquisition, ethical practices and how to stay alive in this interesting (and unstable) business sometimes clash with the perspectives of others.

Amidst those discussions, there are no losers or winners – except the lucky readers, who have harvested perspectives they may have never considered.

That’s a win.

With that in mind, it seems the writing community has already “won” this contest, and they did so long before Michael (graciously) fired up this contest.

To all who are nominated – and those who aren’t – congratulations.

We’re all winners.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.

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