It’s easy to fire up a whole list of things we should be thankful for – our lives are easier by almost any measure than those who came before us – but this is a writing blog, so I’ll stay on topic.

The simple truth is I’m thankful I get to write for a living, and do so from a beautiful place on the side of a mountain – the kind of remote place you couldn’t really make a living from prior to the Internet.

Writing is not the glamorous existence that the media make it out to be, but neither is it digging ditches in 100 degree heat.

I’m lucky to enjoy the support of my wonderful, beautiful wife, who knows I could make more money writing projects that appeal a lot less to me, and wants me to write the good stuff anyway.

To all my readers, commentors and everyone who makes up the online writer’s community, enjoy your Thanksgiving, and revel in what you have.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.