Constantine von Hoffman’s Collateral Damage marketing/humor blog offers me a chance to laugh at my own industry (and some days it’s a real silver lining), and you won’t want to miss his Top 10 Marketing Blunders of 2008 post.

As if there was any real question, his Grand Prize Winner is the John McCain campaign, though GM ran a close second.

The real meat of the post is found in the smaller blunders, like McDonalds comparing founder Ray Kroc to Martin Luther King, Barbie Rice Krispies Treats, or the email service that lets you taunt friends after the rapture (Wouldn’t simply signing up for this service disqualify you?).

His laugh-out-loud post receives the Underground’s Official Seal of Approval (That’s the Official “Feel Better About Your Own Mistakes by Reveling In The Stupidities of Others” Seal).

Keep laughing, Tom Chandler.

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