You have to wonder what demographic Oscar Mayer’s aiming at with this new “Blogworthy” ad (scanned from Newsweek), though the real question is this: Is the mainstream really ready for Web 2.0-driven ad concepts?

Scanned from Newsweek, but aimed at GenX (and younger)?

And we’ve gotta ask: Will Oscar Mayer’s target market truly understand Blogworthy?

Me? I vote thumbs up. The concept mixes a little edge and some fun with an ever-so-slight amount of self-deprecating humor. And yes, Oscar Mayer is clearly more interested in the “connected” generation than they are the old geezers (like the one writing this blog post).


  • I might have shoehorned another benefit into the copy (we get “under 350 calories” and “microwave minute” which isn’t bad)
  • Oscar Mayer supports a blog of their own and some fun online goodies on their site (Oscar Mayer Pong) – why not reference it in this ad?

The blog follows the Weinermobile’s location on Google.

In an era when new media channels are coming online almost hourly, large organizations often struggle to achieve true integration across all marketing channels. Sometimes that’s due to departmental turf wars, but often it’s simply the result of tunnel vision.

And yes, the smart freelance writer will spot integration issues for a client, and offer to fix them (after all, nothing’s more endearing than being useful).

What’s your hit – fun ad, or total marketing baloney?

Keep writing, Tom Chandler