I love typefaces the same way hardcore fans love rockstars; the whole doesn’t necessarily make sense, and the interest extends far beyond any contribution to society made by the object of lust.

Still, you don’t have to be smart to be in love, so when I saw this Periodic Table of Typefaces on the Behance portfolio site, I was smitten (click here for an even bigger version).

The Periodic Table of Typefaces (but no Futura Xblod Condensed?)

The Periodic Table of Typefaces (See any old friends?)

I drank in the appearance of a couple old friends: Palatino, Stone, Helvetica, Futura (parent font to Underground Fave Futura Extra Bold Condensed – a high-powered, hard-hitting display type favored by what was loosely known as the “Minnesota School” of advertisers, who won award after award in the 1980s).

If it’s one thing the first two decades of the Internet have cost us, it’s the beauty of type (the short list of “Internet safe” typefaces doesn’t allow much room for expression). I’m all for minimalist communication – words and images shorn of all the barriers to communication – but know how much atmosphere (or meaning, or context) the right typeface can add to piece of copy.

If the universe is just, we’ll one day enjoy “font freedom” on the Internet.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.