I used to spontaneously craft lists just for fun, and today seems like the perfect day to revive the practice.

And rather than beat around the bush, let’s just call this list the “Eight Gratifying Moments in the Life of Any Freelance Copywriter or Consultant:

  • Reading a short, pithy, “The copy’s perfect” email from a client
  • Shipping solid draft copy, and checking it off the list
  • Getting a check
  • Getting a check before it’s due
  • Getting a big check
  • Finding a signed work order – for a prestige project initiated by your lumpy mailer – nestled in your inbox
  • Discovering the blog/email program you recommended is working exactly as you said it would
  • Explaining modern Internet marketing to a class of entrepreneurs, and realizing they get it

I’ve experienced all the above in the last 1.5 weeks, and while I’m not threatening to burst into song (Tonight on the Underground: Copywriter Karaoke!), I’m reminded that even after 23+ years in this business, good stuff happens with gratifying regularity.

Keep writing & consulting, Tom Chandler.