The Copywriter Underground – despite serving mostly as an outlet for a grouchy, geezerish copywriter bent on annihilation of social media mega-hype – has been picked by the oDesk blog as one of the Top 40 Writer’s blogs.

oDesk Top 40 Writer's blogs

And yes, it appears that oDesk actually visited the blogs in question instead of simply crafting another linkbait list. Kudos for that.

I’m touched. And while I’m tempted to gush like Sally Fields gushed in her 1985 Oscar speech, decorum remains a critical component of the Underground’s universe.

So I won’t.

I did find a handful of smaller writer’s blog I hadn’t read until now – a happy underline to any Monday morning.

Simply put, oDesk’s Top 40 list is worth a look.

UPDATE: For those visiting this site for the first time, consider visiting my most-popular, best-received posts from my 3+ years here.