With more copywriters business blogging for bucks (say that three times fast), and people now accessing streams of information more or less instantaneously, the dangers of the WordPress “Publish” button loom large.

The WordPress "Publish" button may not be your friend

Mis-type a word in a headline – or entirely blow your first paragraph out of the water with a half-assed edit – clicking Publish immediately places that post in your RSS feed , saving it for all to see and marvel at (for eternity).

It’s embarrassing when you do it on your own blog. But potentially expensive when you do it for a client.

The Feed Pauser plugin (WordPress only) helps solve this problem by delaying the Publish –> RSS cycle a user-specified amount of time.

In other words, set it for ten minutes, and you’ve got a whole ten minutes after publishing the post to correct any mistakes.

The post shows on the site, but isn’t placed into the RSS feed until your grace period is up.

Those headless posts you mistakenly send? Those half-finished drafts the world is never meant to see? Those headline typos?

Feed Pauser offers you a second chance to fix them, and like all great solutions, it does so simply and elegantly (no affiliation or financial interest on my end).

Regret is a powerful thing, especially when your own work is the source of it…

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