For those who would kill for a great number comparison quote (we grew revenues $2.2 million – enough to buy a MacBook for everyone in North Pole City, AK), but are too lazy to make one up themselves, we’re pleased to bring you the site:

It’s simple. You enter a number (let’s say you’re writing a presentation for a company that has 146 stores), and it spits back dozens of bizarre number relationships, like:

“146 7 Eleven Hot Dogs would buy 1.61 iPhones”


“146: The population of Maiden Rock village, Wisconsin, USA in 2008”

OK. Maybe not the best example. Let’s try a bigger number.

Type in 112.8 million (the estimated number of blogs in existence in February, 2008), and you’ll get:

“112,800,000 dollars would buy a 2010 Cadillac Escalade for everyone living in Minco city, Oklahoma (population 1802)”


112,334,376 US Dollars = The 1960 GDP (current dollars) for Fiji”

Frankly, this should revolutionize blogging as we know it – no longer will we be forced to make up statistics to fill blanks in our posts.

Now we can have pointless, irrelevant, real-life statistics generated for us in mere seconds.

While the database seems a little limited, with a little work, it could actually blossom into a perversely useful tool for speakers and those trying to make an (admittedly obscure) point.

Keep making up statistics writing, Tom Chandler.