• MyFonts lists its "Top Fonts of 2010" (I love fonts, and dammit, you should too): http://ow.ly/3zrA1 #
  • I nominate @BorowitzReport for a Shorty Award in #humor because he packs a lot of funny shit in damn few words http://bit.ly/shorty #
  • Soylent: A Word Processor with a Crowd Inside (One of the odder, writing related stories of the day): http://ow.ly/3z1qY #
  • Thinking of bucking the tablet trend and buying a #System76 Starling netbook; any real-world examples of battery life (extended battery)? #
  • More "Top Books of 2010" – this one a Goodreads.com Reader's Choice awards: 2010 http://ow.ly/3yKAW #
  • Powells Books staffers pick their "Top 5s of 2010" (gotta love indie bookstores): http://ow.ly/3yn3y #
  • As online writer, love Emacs "Toggle Tag Visibility" command in HTML mode (hides html tags, makes heavily tagged text readable) #
  • Borders books announces it's delaying payments to vendors (including publishers): http://ow.ly/3xnGh #
  • Random House says E-book Sales up 250% from 2009: http://ow.ly/3xnDX #

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