• #Komodo IDE wins "Best Python IDE" in InfoWorld's Tech of the Year Award (I use free Komodo Edit to write online copy) http://ow.ly/3DivZ #
  • It's time for the Word Of The Year®™(the around-the-world-edition) http://ow.ly/3D0cE #
  • Funny tumblr site: "Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising" http://ow.ly/3CO6K #
  • ? @TheAtlantic: What went wrong at Borders Bookstores? http://theatln.tc/gS0sxm #
  • It's time for anyone calling themselves a "digital Ninja" to die of embarrassment: Best Media Writing of the Year http://ow.ly/3BVH1 #
  • A Facebook marketing cheat sheet: "How to Win at Facebook Without a Social Media 'Guru'" http://ow.ly/3BV5v #
  • The Lazy Journalist's Plane Near-Disaster Story Generator (the most useful tool for journalists since the group protest) http://ow.ly/3Ar7X #

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