My new contract gig begins this week (I’m managing an organization’s online presence), which means I’ll be writing and editing a lot of copy — almost of all of which is headed for online pastures.

And doing so under tight time constraints.

The last year, I nicely boosted my productivity by writing all my online copy in programmer’s text editors (like Emacs and Komodo Edit).

markdown text

Text editors and Markdown markup (turns out simpler is faster)

I believe in saving my writing time for writing, not fighting word processors dedicated to a fast-disappearing paper format.

And I’m tinkering with plain text markup languages like Markdown, which I make online-ready far faster than HTML (I’m writing this post in Markdown).

What I lack is a hyper-productive system for managing (prompting, editing, circulating, etc) the copy headed my way from upwards of ten sources.

There is, it seems, always a catch.

The Problem Is…

The online project management tools I’ve tinkered with seem focused on complex projects with a definable endpoint.

Like an expedition.

This is more like a daily hike — but one that lasts years.

And I’m unwilling (so far) to burden these users with yet another interface (and login, and place to go online, and…). And unhappy at the prospect of learning a complex interface myself.

In short, I’m still looking.

For now, I’m latching onto that hoary old solution for pretty much everything: a spreadsheet (LibreOffice or Google, not sure which).

I’ll manage the workflow in what amounts to the old fashioned way, and hope something a little smoother happens along.

(Ideas and suggestions appreciated.)

Keep writing, Tom Chandler