One of the Unwritten Laws of Freelancing is this: If you need work, plan a vacation.

Just days before you leave, you’ll be inundated with emergency work from clients you haven’t spoken to in years.

(And no, don’t even try to sneak a couple ‘easy’ projects into that family vacation. Really.)

I’m starting to experience consulting’s parallel law, namely “Abandon your copywriting practice for consulting, and watch the hordes show up at your door asking you to write things.”

I suppose I could view it as a talent-affirming, ego-boosting moment, but given a twisted view of the world, I suspect it’s simply proof of an ironic god.

I’m tempted to pass, but no self-employed person casually walks away from work — especially a relatively new dad whose darling daughter’s college fund needs a new pair of zeros.

The good news is a couple more writer interviews are in the works; my prior conversation with sci-fi novelist Walter Jon Williams generated traffic and enlightened the readers, and I’m up for more.

Fly fishing’s best bookseller has agreed to talk, and we’ve got a stunning, indie-published memoirist who is plunging into the ebook world.

And a long, long list of other potential victims.

So stick around. Watch me slowly descend into insanity. And read about the writers who aren’t.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.