As a writer, I love the little writing tools that solve nagging problems. That’s why I write in a programmer’s text editor (Emacs or Komodo Edit). And why I became obsessed with how John August — the screenwriter behind the deeply interesting screenwriting blog — posts formatted script snippets on his blog.

The nicely formatted screenwriting blog


I don’t need to do this very often (it would have been nice when I blogged about video scripting), but things like this tend to knock around in the back of my brain.

In short, it nagged at me.

I mucked around with code tags and nothing worked — until I discovered August developed a WordPress plug-in that formats the script snippets for you (also available for other CMS installs like Blogger and Drupal).

For infrequent users, there’s also an online converter.


The BLOGGER and READER sit on opposite sides of the screen, staring at each other through the display.


You want to cross a script with a blog post? You’re mad!

BLOGGER twirls mustache, leans forward until nose almost touches screen, pushes key on keyboard. READER’s keyboard flows up, manacles hands, trapping him. READER struggles.


I’m not mad. I’m a writer.

BLOGGER pushes another key, blog post overlaying screen begins to mutate, snaps off screen to engulf reader’s face.




Another satisfied reader.

The screenwriting world is a fascinating arm of the writing galaxy; the stakes are huge, the competition fierce, the failures embarrassingly public and the amount of work done on spec is staggering.

Still, it’s perhaps the most spectator friendly of the writing sports, and while I have zero interest in playing, I am interested for the sheer spectacle of it.

If I find a cool tool along the way…

Keep writing (and uncovering the tools that make it easier), Tom Chandler.