I’ll cop right here to being a mad Nick Hornby fan (his book High Fidelity became an awfully good John Cusack movie, and it’s possible it helped at least one forty-something writer make a life-altering decision about family and commitment).

And A Long Way Down was that rarest of multi-perspective books (one that made sense to the reader), and I regularly curse myself for not having read Juliet, Naked yet.

Nick Hornby The Talks

The new “The Talks” interview site talks to Hornby about writing and his work, where he makes a potent observation about confidence and writer’s block:

Do you sometimes feel pressure that your next book has to be better than the one you wrote before?

I think that writer’s block is a matter of confidence. I think that the daily struggle of a writer is to keep up one’s confidence, because you lose a sense of perspective, especially if you’re working on a longer project where you cannot show anybody anything for quite some time. It’s only you telling yourself that maybe somebody will want to read this. I haven’t been “blocked” but I certainly understand how it happens and why it happens.

When starting a new copywriting project, I sometimes feel I’m competing with every other ad/blog post/email program extant, which is a good recipe for freezing yourself solid.

Not the best place to start.

Hornby is on my list of Five Writers I’d Really Like to Share a Beer With (that list is a work in progress), and while he might not make yours, you can probably still spare a minute to read the interview.