In the comments below my prior post about AMC’s The Pitch advertising “reality” show, I said it was too bad they weren’t making the episodes available online.

I don’t follow many television shows, but I figured The Pitch was good for a few blog posts.

Turns out I shouldn’t have worried; the show’s doing so badly, they may not even air the episodes they’ve already taped:

According to Nielsen, The Pitch earned a 0.20 in the adult 18-49 category in its debut—fewer than 20% of Mad Men’s audience stayed up to watch AMC’s reality show.

But things got worse.

Once The Pitch moved to its Monday night slot, the ratings tanked. The April 30 episode attracted 45,000 adults according to Nielsen earning a 0.0 and finishing 30th on Nielsen’s cable ratings, besting only a rerun of episode one, which came in 31st. The May 7 episode also earned a 0.0, this time with 59,000 adults tuning in according to Nielsen.

Wow. A 0.0.

Clearly, TV viewers love the advertising industry.

Sadly, those that watched all the episodes really only learned one thing.

Clients typically make the wrong decision about 80% of the time.

Keep watching, Tom Chandler.