• What happens when you glue metal type to a sphere and roll it? Type nerd heaven, that's what. Typographic sphere: http://t.co/o7hTu7Ze #
  • Upload your script for a read-through by computer voices (real voice actors available): http://t.co/MXyjQssW #
  • Groupon earnings report: The daily deals site’s crummy business model is finally dead. Hooray! – Slate Magazine: http://t.co/Aayf4rh9 #
  • Writer's Stylebook Death Match: AP Stylebook now a bigger linguistic authority than Merriam-Webster? http://t.co/0rK1WKhX #
  • Cathy Bryant Has Written the Worst Sentence of the Year (don't read just before meals): http://t.co/CvRcVMbA #
  • "Our subscribers choose a vintage, out-of-print SF book to rescue, and, with permission, ebookify" Singularity http://t.co/urvC7TFG #
  • Oracle forced to disclose it's paying noted anti-Google blogger Florian Mueller (Oracle looking pretty slimy) http://t.co/6fseZO38 #

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