The plan was to dial back the work for a few months to welcome the latest addition to the family, then tidy up my own online presence before I even thought about accepting more work.

You can guess what happened next.

An existing client needed extra hours. A legacy client popped up. A very interesting new project appeared (and I’m tempted enough to respond to their RFP).

So much for careful advanced planning.

Interestingly — and despite the fact I don’t market scriptwriting — I received a handful of contacts about writing video scripts (they came courtesy my screenwriting blog posts).

It seems a lot of organizations — seduced by the ease with which you can post a video online — are dipping their toes in the medium. And discovering the very real (and painful) pitfalls of just winging it.

A million things can go wrong during video production, and shooting without a script (or at least a “talking” outline) means every one of those million things will try to bite you on the ass.

I don’t know if other copywriters are experiencing a similar spike in interest.

Video Script

Hey, this scriptwriting stuff isn’t so hard (uhh, yes it is, actually).

But I learned the hard way the perils of ignoring the market when it reaches out and smacks you on the head.

I’m not about to become a video scriptwriting specialist. But nature hates a vacuum, and I suspect you could fit more than a few copywriters in this particular space.

More to come. Perhaps even a “How to get started” post from someone who isn’t a screenwriter, but apparently plays one on the Internet.

Keep writing (or even scriptwriting), Tom Chandler.