In recent public perception poll, ad practitioners rank just slightly better than Used Car Salesman and Members of Congress in terms of honesty, a fact which will no doubt invite an email from my mother:

Gallup honesty rankings

Won’t mom be proud…

Keep in mind this poll was run by Gallup, who recently picked the wrong presidential candidate, but really, are a couple of percentage points really going to change things for ad folks?

I don’t think so either.

Sadly, ad folks actually rank behind stockbrockers (who collapsed the economy), Senators (who are trying to collapse the economy), and lawyers (who often compare unfavorably to sharks in humor circles).


Healthcare workers ranked consistently high, leading me to the obvious question; if you write copy for a hospital (or even better) a nursing college, does some of their honesty rub off?

Keep writing (and tell your mom you’re a novelist instead of a copywriter), Tom Chandler.