In a clear (and successful) attempt to earn a link, Writer’s Digest has picked the Writer Underground as one of their Top 101 Websites For Writers — for the fourth year running.

Writer's Digest

For the record, we writers are fragile, egotistical creatures, and a little recognition feels pretty good. In fact, if I squint hard enough at the e-badge, I can make myself believe Putlitzer winners only dream about recognition like this.

Two hours after the happy email arrived and was instantly forwarded to my mother, I received a heated phone call from a marketing “guru” who was caught running a website security scam on my client. It was suggested I was delusional, uninformed and rude (no, no and yes, at least by that point).

That “feel good” stuff? Pretty much gone.

If the universe is listening, next time I’d prefer a little less Yin to go with my Yang.

Keep writing (and bringing home those heavy-duty awards), Tom Chandler.