“These are live bombs. In a minute we are going to blow them up.”

When you want to draw a little visibility to a nonprofit that works to make the world a better place, you could do a lot worse than to attract The Most Interesting Man In The World to your cause.

I’m referring to Johnathon Goldsmith — the star of Dos Equis’ now-iconic “Most Interesting Man…” commercials — who traveled to Vietnam on behalf of Clear Path International.

The man who can “speak French… in Russian” was drawing attention to the damage being done by the tons of unexploded mines and ordinance still dotting combat zones.

In fact, the video begins with Goldsmith sitting next to a row of live artillery shells (gulp).

In the context of a campaign, drama is almost never a bad thing.

I interviewed James Hathaway some time ago. He’d just left Orvis and founded his own communications firm, and gotten more involved with Clear Path International — the international nonprofit he’d founded.

This campaign was his brainchild, proving once again that those who don’t spurn my interview requests become rich and famous, while those who do simply fade from view.

I hope you all learned a lesson.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.