Catskill Eagle by Parker

It’s been read to death (it’s now in seven different pieces). Not a bad way for a book to go.


Any book that’s been read to death should probably end up in Library Heaven. In this case, we’re witness to the death of a Robert Parker Spenser novel — one that’s at least 20 years old.

I kept this one going (courtesy of a rubber band) for an extra couple years, but trying to assemble seven pieces into a coherent work of art means it’s time to get a new one.

It’s one of my insomnia books; a work interesting enough to entertain. Yet it won’t keep me awake if I get sleepy (you don’t launch into a new “can’t-put-it-down” book at 1:30 in the morning).

Clearly, books can be classified in ways not envisioned by the Dewey Decimal System.

Paper or Ebook?

The insomnia shelf is pretty deep, so I won’t replace this book right away. But if I had to, would I buy paper or digital?

My paper version of A Catskill Eagle lasted 20+ years. If I bought another, I could hand it to anyone who needed a fun, quick read (or a little more sleep).

I could read an ebook version of A Catskill Eagle anywhere I had a phone or tablet, and it’d never fall into dust. And I can make the type bigger, so it’s easier on my 50+ year-old eyes.

But I couldn’t give it away. And — unlike the paper version — am I sure I’ll be able to read that ebook decades from now?

Keep writing, Tom Chandler