Scott Carney’s a working journalist who is asking some tough questions about the rates paid to freelance journalists (The case for $20 per word, Are you Pitching to a Silo or to a Market?, and What Hollywood can teach Magazine Writers. He covers similar ideas in this Pacific Standard interview).

Without delving into his ideas at the quantum level, let’s say I’m intrigued by some of the questions (and wondering at the lack of response from the rest of the industry).

quickanddirtycoverThe good news is he’s written a short — and wholly free — Quick and Dirty Guide to Freelance Writing.

It’s an insider’s guide to navigating the sometimes byzantine freelance world, and while it’s not encyclopedic, it does offer a handful of interesting perspectives on freelance survival.

Thankfully, Carney assumes you can write; he doesn’t embarrass himself (or us) with a lot of “How to write gooder goodest” advice.

Instead, he focuses on often-overlooked big picture concepts (hint: you’re far more likely to get assignments if you’re the only writer in a news-rich area as opposed to a general assignment writer in New York).

The online world is filled with dull, me-too articles about succeeding as a freelancer — many of them written by stiffs without real pedigrees.

Carney is an investigative, longform journalist who avoids covering the same tired ground, and while his short (free!) guide would benefit from an editor’s touch (like most self-pubbed ebooks), it’s chock full of useful perspectives about making a living in the freelance writing universe.

Have I mentioned it’s free? Might as well download your copy here.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.