When I recently posted my intention to write a little journalistic work over the coming year, it’s just possible I ran a few self-congratulatory victory laps around the idea.

So it’s only fair to report how things are going in the Underground’s Editorial Revival.

Well, not so great.

Four pitches went out (they take more time to research and write than I remembered). I’d suggest two were decisive. But not in that “send me a check” way.

The magazine’s deadline for one passed without comment (I’m assuming an email error on the editor’s part).

Another pitch was rejected by the editor, but I was urged to contact him if I had any other ideas. I want to interpret this as a moral victory, but these days, it probably just means I hung all the apostrophes in the right places.

In the “why the hell didn’t I notice that before” department, I wanted to lightly edit a pitch before sending it to another publication, but found myself elbows-deep in a ground-up rewrite.

Apparently, getting it right the first time is for other writers.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.