Summer is finally over (I have two young daughters, so like most parents, I define the end of summer as the day school starts). This summer, I filled the ecological niche of Mr. Mom; spending lots of time with my kids.

That left little room for other things. Like work (here and there). Personal writing (not so much). Recreation (almost none). Blogging (not at all).

Because you never stop learning, I have acquired a newfound respect for those who accomplish anything while caring for kids (as a rule, kids don’t respect your deadlines).

Welcome to the life of an involved parent (I whine, but I know what’s important).

Because sometimes the universe is our friend, the very week I decided to look for more work I received a tip pointing me towards a potential client.

They play in an area I find interesting, so while I’ve been passing on new clients the last year, I’ll look into this one.

Right now, I’ve got two small projects to finish… before I pick up the kids.

Keep writing (I’ll try to write more), Tom Chandler.

kids and dog