garrison-keillorFor 42 years Garrison Keillor has been writing his most-excellent Prairie Home Companion weekly radio show — along with several metric tons of books, essays, live performances and a daily poetry email.

Now at the age of 72, he’s planning to finally retire from the Prairie Home Companion.

Time for Keillor to travel? Relax into a hard-earned retirement? Take up lawn bowling?

Not exactly. This from a recent Guardian interview:

What comes next?

I want to write a play. That’s become the ambition: plays and screenplays. That’s entirely new to me, and it feels adventurous.

Love him or hate him (I’m firmly in the former camp), Keillor is clearly a true addict; a compulsive writer who can no more quit writing than breathing (I suspect the two activities will cease at approximately the same moment).

Not everyone is wholly in love with Keillor’s mythical Lake Wobegon, but if you’ve never read his essays, articles or other work, then consider laying your hands on The Keillor Reader — essentially a greatest hits compilation of his writing.

I bought it the minute I saw it, and have returned to it several times since.

Keep writing (even when you could be coasting), Tom Chandler.

p.s. — Am I the only person who has never once spelled “Prairie” correctly?