I recently spoke to a client about reviving their years-dormant marketing program.

We talked email. We talked content marketing. We talked social media.

But when I talked “traditional” advertising, he blurted “Nobody’s advertising any more.”


Not Really

Professional Smart Person Eric Garland of Competitive Futures compiled a chart of ad spending (little version of chart below, you can see the old eyes version at his website).

Digital is making inroads, but in 2013 at least, the Traditional Advertising Apocalypse had simply not occurred.

TV is still #1.

Magazines and print are still pulling.

Sure, these numbers reflect 2013’s spend. But consider this — since then, the online advertising world has been rocked by a series of scandals.

And does anyone really think content marketing is going to replace advertising?

Keep writing (while you’re at it, consider traditional marketing channels), Tom Chandler.