Marketers — at least those concerned for their clients — should already be reading the Ad Contrarian blog.

He’s a crank of the first order. Probably a necessary thing when your target is faddish, hype-driven “new” marketing.

Here’s his latest on-target, #offmylawn condemnation of the advertising and marketing universe:

We jump from one fad to another; we are a cesspool of -isms; we have traded our knowledge-base for trendy clichés; we have eroded anything resembling a moral code; we have fired our experienced, talented people and replaced them with cheap, amateurish nobodies who have degraded our product; and we have brutalized our language into a liturgy of dreadful jargon and insufferable bullshit.

I’ve watched fads come and go in the ad industry, but never with the kind of anger I experienced when the New Marketing Pinheads took over.

I watched one client after another dive headfirst into “hot” new online tech, usually trashing their proven programs along the way.

It was astonishing to see. Clients who demanded a business case and a spreadsheet accounting for even simple email programs — people who tracked response rates to two decimal places — would lay waste to their budgets to fund unproven (and often faintly ridiculous) new media programs.

Success was (and still is) being measured by vague, meaningless metrics. Which seem to morph on a weekly basis.

Redefining success on a weekly basis protects the pinheads, but not so much the client.

The fear of being left behind was too great — even if the consultants sowing the fear couldn’t point to a successful program.

The question was never one of success. It was how much damage would be done before everyone came to their senses.

Turns out it’s a lot.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.