A relaunch? What could go wrong?

A relaunch? What could go wrong?

Think we’ll fire up the Writer Underground once again. Mostly just to see how it feels (I know how it feels to not post for the better part of a year).

Things have changed.

These days I fill the ecological niche of ‘dad’ as much as I do ‘writer’. And while kids force you to confront yourself on a lot of levels, the conversations don’t typically extend much beyond the plusses and minuses of Dora’s makeover.

And a lot has happened. I sold my other blog. I was sued. And when that (predictably) failed, the other party resorted to threats.

Then there are the changes to the industry. And as you may have noticed, the USA is undergoing a little… *remodeling*.

Or maybe — after 30 years of making a living arranging words in pleasing sequences — I’m simply entering the “you writers get off my lawn” zone.

Take marketing.

(No, I mean take it.)

Pundits say the rise of digital has pushed marketing into a transition. To an #offmylawner, that’s simply an edgy, trend-setting way to suggest marketing has plunged headfirst into a giant shithole of mediocrity, hype and a lack of accountability — and it’s digging hard to find the latest, greatest, even-deeper shithole.

(I just added “shithole” to my spelling checker — a sign you can expect the odd bit of raw language.)

OK, not all of marketing is a shithole. Mostly just the bits I don’t like or understand.

But I’d suggest the trends aren’t brilliant.

Fortunately, this blog isn’t simply about copywriting and marketing. Or things could get dark.

What the Hell?

First, why re-launch a time-intensive, no-hope-of-revenue writing project in a supposedly dying media channel?

Simple. Every time I launch my browser a dozen lingering, “these will make great posts” browser tabs stare back at me.

Because I’m a bit of a link hoarder, this seems like the only reasonable way to get those tabs off my screen.

(We all cope in our own way.)

So I’m back on the horse.

Expect the odd post about writing, marketing, creativity, humor, politices — or any other browser tab I want to close.

I start tomorrow by posting a video that sums up a feeling every writer — and that means you too — has had when working with others.

Keep writing,
Tom Chandler