For the second consecutive year, the Writer’s Digest “101 Best Websites for Writers” issue includes the Copywriter Underground, and while last year’s award amounted to a nice surprise, this year it’s a little bewildering; the Copywriter Underground morphed into the Writer Underground a couple months ago, so in a literal sense, the winning blog no longer exists.

Publishing lead times being what they are it’s understandable, though because megalomania set in long ago, I’m accepting this as outright confirmation of my blogging genius. Anyone who can make a “Top Blogs” list two years running — even in the absence of a blog — clearly bestrides the writing world like a colossus.

In fact, I’m a little surprised I’m still here writing for the huddled masses instead of enjoying cocktails with Thomas McGuane.

Like last year, I find my blog listed between the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Horror Writers Association, which — given the situation I’m facing with a difficult client — seems appropriate.

Keep writing (clearly, I’ll keep winning), Tom Chandler.

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